The Negative sides of Becoming an escort

In this world, everything that is good has its own ups and downs. The escort services are not left out. When you are an escort or doing the escort services, there are several challenges that you face as a person. These challenges are something that escorts have been facing for a long time now. Many people have a misconception that because you are working and have money, it means that you do not have any problems. Actually, escorts face the same challenges as other human being, in fact, they end up suffering a lot in most cases. Here are some of the challenges faced by escorts:Looked down upon by the general public Becoming an escort is not as easy as it sounds. Becoming an escort means that you have to receive bitter and discouraging comments from the public. Everyone sees you as a criminal or someone who is not of value to the society. This is one of the main challenges that Cleopatra escorts in Eilat face. The general public doesn’t like them at all. They claim that they are out there to act as prostitutes. This is not easy for them.Mistreated by clients Escorts serve different customers each night and there is a high chance of them meeting someone that will not handle themselves. In some cases, these have been reported incidences here these clients get so angry and beat the escorts up. This is so painful because to some extent, it means that this person has taken advantage of you then beating you up. This is a sad experience. Low payments Another thing that is a challenge for the escort is low payments. This is not an easy job to handle after serving and satisfying your customers fully, you are given just a small percentage of money. This is so small for the VIP escort services comparing to what they work on every day and night. This is what they go through all day. Overworked by the management Sometimes, the management that these escorts in Eilat work under misuses them. This is because, you are sleeping with more than 10 different men in one night, which is difficult to handle for these escorts. They are overworked by the management and in turn expected to perform very well. This is a challenge to them that they are facing day in day out. Health challenges Well, this job involves an encounter with different men be it day or night. The truth of the matter is that you might not know the disease that these people are carrying. As an Oligarch escort, as much as you are using protective measures during sex, there are high chances of contracting a disease, most particularly, sexually transmitted diseases. Most escorts have contracted these diseases by just involving themselves with clients they have never met before. This is a dangerous act to their health as much as it involves passion. Conclusion In conclusion, escorts are also humans and they undergo the same challenges other people go through,They experience even worse challenges in their job. This is not an easy job as it requires a lot of patience and dedication for things to work out.

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